This morning, I opened up my email to find a message from Avant Gaudy inviting me to take a look at their site. Normally I click the links, click through and click off again after getting bored and not finding anything I like but this site is different. There is a lot to love, well, with a name as great as that, there has to be.

First is that everything is displayed in a gallery rather than a bombardment of information on items you don’t want to know about. Then, you click on the items you like and all the information comes up, including measurements. Measurements are so important with vintage;  dress sizes have changed over the years, generally getting bigger,  there is no way you can wear the same dress size in modern clothes as vintage ones. Gauging what vintage size you are is tricky. Many online vintage stores also only refer to sizing in S/M/L which is also totally pointless as many also don’t offer returns meaning you’re stuck with something if it does not fit. This one does.

Secondly, the prices are actually really reasonable, which is something of a rarity with vintage boutiques.

So those are the practical parts, now to the goodies. These are my favourites from the site.
Avant Gaudy Amazon They give all the clothes names, an idea I really like. This one is called Amazon and is my absolute favourite from the whole siteAvant Gaudy Tango Tango is great too, I love red and black together, especially as polka dotsAvant Gaudy Zum Zum Zum Zum is the kind of dress that I don’t own, elegant and simple. The sort of thing everyone will need for an occasion at some point. If my waist were that tiny, I’d be very tempted.

This cardigan, Catchism, is just wonderful, it’s the sort of clothing I would wear to death if it were mine. Avant Gaudy Catchism
Avant Guady Ooh La Lame Favourite name so far – Ooh La Lame.

Contender for 2nd favourite item on the site is this Bill Blass cape jacket, it has giant batwing sleeves and the embroidery carries on over the shoulders on the back, it hangs so nicely, I wish it was mine. Avant Gaudy Bill Blass

They also have a good menswear section and plenty of accessories plus a whole section dedicated to playsuits, which is something all shops should consider having. Thanks Sarah for the email and good luck Avant Gaudy!


Day 4

August 8, 2009

No outfit as yet as I was up early for a car boot sale. I returned with booty galore.  My favourite being this 80s mohair cardigan with neon diamonds, zig zags and polka dots and different coloured buttons. It’s like a woolly sweet shop.woolly

Car boot sales are one of my favourite ways to shop, not least because shopping centres bring me out in hives. Instead of surly shop assistants, there’s a host of characters that will talk to you, compliment you, tell you where and when they bought your outfit from or who it belonged to, allow you to haggle and then wish you a good afternoon. It’s a world away from shop transactions where the only communication is being told the total price and a hand stretched out to take your money.

I came home with three cardigans, a batwing mohair and lace jumper (which replaces the exact same one I had but shrunk), one silk skirt, six necklaces, a brooch,  seven bows and a slightly sunburnt nose all for under ten pounds.