November 15, 2009

November 09 002 copy

So it seems Winter is most definitely here.  All my Summer dresses are packed away and out have come the jumpers, scarves, gloves and hats.  It’s depressing enough outside without looking as though you’re dressed for a funeral so my latest purchase of an 80s cropped red mohair jumper made the trip to East London with me. As did my new 80s Jacques Vert blazer. This thing has the most outrageous shoulder pads that make me look like a cross between Bryan Ferry and one of the shrunken heads from Beetlejuice but it fits so nicely over bulky jumpers that I don’t really care.
I was tempted to put my ace snake head belt over the actual blazer but it looked a bit too power dresser, if such a thing exists.

Vintage 90s Black Lycra Bodycon Dress – It’s At via Car Boot Sale
Vintage 80s Red Cropped Mohair Jumper – Marks & Spencer via Oxfam
Vintage 80s Oversized Shoulderpad Blazer – Jacques Vert via Oxfam
Studded Hi Tops – Reebok via Ebay


Day 4

August 8, 2009

No outfit as yet as I was up early for a car boot sale. I returned with booty galore.  My favourite being this 80s mohair cardigan with neon diamonds, zig zags and polka dots and different coloured buttons. It’s like a woolly sweet shop.woolly

Car boot sales are one of my favourite ways to shop, not least because shopping centres bring me out in hives. Instead of surly shop assistants, there’s a host of characters that will talk to you, compliment you, tell you where and when they bought your outfit from or who it belonged to, allow you to haggle and then wish you a good afternoon. It’s a world away from shop transactions where the only communication is being told the total price and a hand stretched out to take your money.

I came home with three cardigans, a batwing mohair and lace jumper (which replaces the exact same one I had but shrunk), one silk skirt, six necklaces, a brooch,  seven bows and a slightly sunburnt nose all for under ten pounds.