Day 3

August 7, 2009

It’s a Friday, good enough an excuse to bring out the big guns. This is my ‘Floella Benjamin’ as she is queen of the jumpsuits. I love a jumpsuit, they say ‘ready for anything you can throw at me’. Except being really quick in the loo as they require the wearer to get fully undressed. Otherwise, they’re definite action wear.

This is also a tribute to John Hughes as I like to think it’s something he might have dressed Molly Ringwald in.

August 003

These shoes are vintage Carvela, I wear them too often for what is really an evening shoe because I absolutely love them. Occasionally, I prolong their life by masking the scuffs and marks with a good spray of gold craft paint. It works pretty well, but sometimes I end up with gold knuckles, as is the case today. I suppose it’s cheaper than jewellery.

Vintage 80s Jumpsuit – Laura Ashley via Jumble Sale
Vintage Carvela Sandals – Carvela via Help The Aged
Vintage Gold Leather Belt – not technically mine.


Day 2

August 6, 2009

I’m going to dress like it’s summer proper, even if it rained for most of the night. There is nothing particularly wrong with this dress, yet I don’t wear it too often. Maybe because it’s simply feminine, no glitter or sparkle or bizarre motifs, just plain and girly. It fits nicely, is really comfortable and I love the oversized floral pattern. In fact, I love the pattern so much that when I took it up (it was below the knee, which made it a bit granny-ish) I kept the remnants and made a bird motif cushion cover. Matching patterns was a very 80s phenomenon; I remember having a matching floral nightdress, dressing gown and duvet set by Laura Ashley. If you wanted (and thank goodness my parents didn’t) you could also buy wallpaper in the same pattern. Wear the whole ensemble at once and you could remain undetected for days.

August 087

Vintage 80s blue floral sundress – Dorothy Perkins via Car Boot Sale
Vintage 80s gold and blue sandals – Clarks via Jumble Sale
Vintage bamboo and canvas handbag – Unknown via Jumble Sale.

I am still working on the picture-taking…