I love clothes, I always have and I accumulate them at a rate of knots.  The problem, if you could ever call it that, is that my eyes are always drawn to a pattern, a colour, a cut, a cloth and sometimes clothes that are just downright funny-looking. I’m a spontaneous shopper; I take no pleasure in searching for the ‘perfect’ anything. I want glitter and glamour, flowers and frills, lace and luxury and I want it now.  Hence a wardrobe heaving with sequins, netting, vintage dresses, giddy patterns, scarves, bags and shoes of all styles yet nothing that makes any kind of concession to practicality or befits a specific occasion unless that occasion calls for fancy dress. Dressing for the everyday became a problem and I’d end up spending the working day in mismatched outfits that left me miserable whilst my favourite things were left languishing in drawers and spilling out of storage boxes. There is no point to having beautiful clothes that never see the light of day, just as there is no logic in having fabulous china that does not ever serve its purpose.  My dully-dressed days are over; from now on favourite fashions are the only way forward. Here as a little prompt, a daily catalogue for a month at first. Never save anything for best.


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