Pass it on

November 17, 2009

There are three things you can do with clothes you no longer want. The first is to put them on Ebay, the second is to give them away and the third is to cut them up and bodge them into temporary cushion covers.

I put things up for sale on Ebay a lot simply because I buy so many clothes and a lot of them are so bizarre that they can’t be worn too often. Of course, there are some things I own, such as an awesome Pepsi & Shirley cocktail dress, that I could not part with them. Otherwise, I am not emotional about my clothes. I lend them out and give them away all the time. There will always be more clothes.

So here is my latest Ebay lots. The first being this amazing plaid jumpsuit. I should love it but it’s the colours that don’t do anything for me. I’m not a fan of Autumn colours, I should be as they probably suit me but it’s still brown and brown and I are not great friends. The fit is lovely, it’s really comfy but those shades are just not me.

This next jumpsuit is however, totally me. I’ve had it years but never worn it, I am just a little too tall for it to fit comfortably. I could lengthen the straps but I am worried I’d ruin the lines of it. It’s gorgeous gold metallic pinstripes on a black patterned fabric.

At the other end of the scale is this oversized jumper. I bought it because of the colours but I am just never going to be a woolly person. It’s kind of geek chic too, which is good but not with peroxide hair.

So they did not make it as permanent residents in my wardrobe, along with a few other bits and pieces all listed on my Ebay I hope they go to good homes.

And so to the cushions. I love a cushion and I like change so tonight I ran up some covers from two tops, a dress and a jumper. This is one of my favourite wastes of time. They are never perfect as they are never meant to last that long; there’s always a queue of clothes waiting to take pride of place on the settee.


6 Responses to “Pass it on”

  1. Lauren Says:

    Yay! I’m so glad the blog is back. Have decided my new fashion mantra shall be “What would Alice do…?” X

    • savedforbest Says:

      I never thought that would be anyone’s mantra! I’d love to do a post about my lovely crafty friends and your amazing jewellery/hats. xx

  2. Venetia Says:

    Glad your back to give inspiration to us tracksuit wearers. I loved the Russian/Turkish bolerol and coins. Not so sure about the jumpsuit as maybe mistaken for being out in your pajamas! So what? Cushions look fab.
    Keep on blogging – you have a wasted talent.

  3. Hula Gunn Says:

    Oh Alice

    Yayay! for your blog!…shes not just a clever crafter she is also an amazing cook & soon to be a force to be reckoned with on skates too!


    • savedforbest Says:

      You make me blush! You’ll see my shoddy craftwomanship up close tomorrow!
      Thanks Hula, big crafty cooky love.

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