Day 24

August 28, 2009

This is my last day in work before a glorious 5 days off, I cannot wait. I am fighting through the day with a boxer belt. Well, it’s not a boxer belt at all but I like to pretend it is. I bought it from a stall set up by a gospel choir at a car boot sale, they had the most amazing selection of clothes. Most of them were too big for me with too many sequins and baubles to alter but there was a fine selection of accessories. So I got this belt and a couple of fancy hats.


This top was my mum’s. It’s not a colour I would normally go for, I like pure colours rather than tones but it is so comfortable and I like the pattern so it gets to hang out with my other tops in the wardrobe.

My skirt is actually swimwear, I have had it since the 90s, it’s a little too big for me now, hence the belt, but putting it on just makes me feel like I should be poolside somewhere. I won’t be but a break is a break no matter where it’s taken.

Vintage Mustard & Blue Top – Cacharel
Vintage 90s Wraparound Skirt – Jantzen
Boxer belt – Unknown via Car Boot Sale


7 Responses to “Day 24”

  1. Anna Jane Says:

    Hey, I really like this outfit. I think the mustard/dark blue really compliments your skin tone and hair colour, and I am in love with the shoes and belt! I just wish I had the ability to be able to pick out all the hidden wonders in car boot sales, etc. xo

  2. savedforbest Says:

    Why thank you! My best car boot tip – head for the older or crazy-looking people, they are less likely to have just loads of Primark. And keep an eye at ground-level for magical shoe gems.


  3. Nick Says:

    I too think the mustard and navy really suit you. Have a nice break. The boy and I are off next week too, phew much needed!

  4. This is a great outfit…love the belt!

  5. I absolutely love this! x

    • savedforbest Says:

      Thanks! As soon as I got into work that day, I listened to So You Wanna Be A Boxer from Bugsy Malone, and then had it stuck in my head for about 3 days.

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