Day 15

August 19, 2009

I’m half way through! By means of celebration, a dress that I actually wear all the time. This is my perfect Summer dress and I think I’ve had it about 7 years. I bought it at a Vintage stall at Glastonbury. I had seen it when I first got there but it was, as many things there are, ridiculously overpriced. So I forgot about it until the very last day when I happened to be passing again, and there it was, half price.


People stop and compliment this dress, particularly older ladies who comment that they used to have something similar. On occasion, complete strangers have stopped me and said how they saw me in this dress at such and such a place. I can’t imagine owning anything else for so long, and I hope there is still another 7 years wear in it.

Vintage Navy Polka Dot Sundress – Unknown via Glastonbury


6 Responses to “Day 15”

  1. Helen Says:

    That *is* a perfect summer dress! And how lovely that strangers recognise you from your dress!

    • savedforbest Says:

      I forgot to mention that one of the straps is held on by a safety pin and I keep forgetting to mend it!
      I ran into my neighbour the other day and she said ‘ooh you have looked so lovely on your way to work this week!’ xx

  2. Lauren Says:

    I love this dress! You look so pretty and it’s such a nice blue 🙂 And it’s so sunny today, yay!

    • savedforbest Says:

      Thanks lady! It is a lovely blue. A glorious day too but I am stuck inside wearing a jacket and with a shawl over my knees as the air con is on so high! Hope you get better soon. xx

  3. Dolores Says:

    It is eternal, white spots on blue. Every woman has had something in that colourway and pattern sometime in their life. I hope your dress lasts from here to eternity as you look so fabulous in it. Men that strap!!!!

  4. savedforbest Says:

    I will! I need to have a mending session actually. Too many dresses with buttons missing and loose hems.


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