Window Shopping – Rolling Stone Vintage

August 14, 2009

Bryna, over at Mama Was A Rolling Stone also runs an online vintage shop – Rolling Stone Vintage. I’ve no idea how she finds time for the both but I do know it’s a good site.

One of the things I like best is that you can search for style of clothing, I headed straight to the rock section, as well as era and clothing type. There’s also a useful section on sizes and measurements and another on storing and caring for vintage clothing, which apparently entails more than just cramming as much as you can into the wardrobe whilst putting the rest in boxes. Who knew?

These are the things I covet the most. If anyone’s feeling particularly generous, feel free to go ahead and get them for me and I’ll pretend they fit. There’s even a five dollar discount for first-time orders, what more incentive do you want?

Jett Leather Blazer

Jett Leather Blazer

Blondie Studded Heels

Blondie Studded Heels

Betsey Johnson Gold Dress

Betsey Johnson Gold Dress


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