Day 8

August 12, 2009

Wednesday, never the best day of the week. In addition, the sky is a very English off-white. What a wishy washy Wednesday needs is a little tropicana.

August 051

Though you would not tell by my gloomy expression, I love this newly discovered outfit. The skirt is one from Saturday’s haul. I have a few lycra skirts that are literally just tubes of fabric. They tend to ride up quite a bit, sometimes so much so that you dread standing up and not being sure you’re wearing a skirt anymore. This one has darts and a back split, this one’s going nowhere.

If it rains, I might not be going anywhere either for fear of trashing my shoes. I have only ever worn these twice, once to an art event and once to a work fancy dress. They received compliments at the first and thinly-veiled criticism at the second. I don’t care either way as they are doing a great job of brightening up my day.

August 053
I tried to find a link to the company that made them, but I suppose they don’t exist anymore as all I can find is this.

Vintage 80s Tropical Vest – Unknown via Jumble Sale
Vintage 90s Lycra Skirt – Unknown via Car Boot Sale
Vintage 80s Colour Block Shoes – Pimento via Car Boot Sale


8 Responses to “Day 8”

  1. Lauren Says:

    Awesome shoes! I am guessing your work colleagues do not appreciate your satorial style…?

    • savedforbest Says:

      Thanks lovely. No, the comment was ‘I can’t believe you actually own those shoes’. They are getting a better reception today, maybe because of my look of defiance…


  2. Rose Hypnol Says:

    Surely this would be the perfect outfit to crack out a pair of parrot earrings?

    • savedforbest Says:

      You are so right! I knew something was missing. I only have gold hoops with parrots in them but I am going to hunt down some wooden danglers. xx

  3. Doromoro Says:

    Wow! When I ask for a “Tropicana” I will visualise you my tropical fruit. You look great. Never mind the introverts – the shoes are delicious. I expect they all wear sweaty nylon and plastic trainers.

  4. Helen Says:

    Tropical-tastic! I would be tempted to wear cocktail umbrellas in my hair with this and my watermelon earrings… but maybe that would be a bit “too much”. xx

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